Preschool children have a growing mind, and they can learn things faster. You might have noticed that a preschooler learns and copies the gestures very quickly. Educational toys help the child to learn while enjoying the process. To choose a suitable educational toy for a kid is quite simple. All you need to focus on is :

  • the durability of the material 
  • stuff that encourages kids to imagine 
  • toys that build their reasoning skills 
  • toys that add value to their  personality development. 

Educational toys must offer skill-building features including physical (gross and fine motor skills), educational (mathematics, reading, and writing), social and emotional skills.

We have created a comprehensible list of educational toys for preschoolers. 

1. Constructive playing blocks:

There are many types of blocks in a wooden unit blocks toy. These blocks are made up of wood and are durable. They are the small parts of a more significant object. The child needs to assemble the blocks and make a proper object. It is a fun toy that helps the child to learn how to join two parts to create something new.

2. Jumbo block set:

These are light weighted blocks made up of cardboard. These are very safe for a child and are efficient for making tall buildings. Many possibilities can experiment on these kinds of blocks.

3. Toy dump truck:

These are the vehicle toys. They work as outdoor as well as indoor games. They are easy to clean; can be easily filled with toys, or with sand, and after the play, you can just wipe them with a scrub and water.

4. Parking garage:

It is a big toy, and through it, kids learn about counting and colors while they park the cars. They get familiar with science concepts while rolling cars.

5. Lego brick box:

It has a perfect size and high level of complexibility for preschoolers. As playing with blocks, a child interacts with numbers, measurements, and other mathematical ideas.

6. Magnet tiles:

These are blocks with magnets. They give infinite possibilities to the child for broadening his/her imagination capacity.

7. Pidoko dollhouse:

It is also a type of a large toy that gives infinite ways for roll play. This house can accommodate dolls, animals, dinosaurs or robots, etc. 

8. Suitcase set:

This set helps the child to get knowledge about various parts of the body and its vocabulary. 

9. Folkmanis puppet:

It is an excellent toy as it is helpful when it comes to role plays, storytelling, or holding kid’s attention.  You can show some puppets and introduce your child to various creatures in the world.

10. Kitchen set:

This set provides knowledge about kitchen utensils and their vocabulary. It creates culinary masterpieces as well.

11. Doctor kit:

A child usually loves to play as a doctor. They have a curiosity about a doctor. They are attracted to medicines, so it is a very great idea to give them a doctor set. They will learn new things about being a doctor.

12. Bear game:

They are different colored bears, which help the child to know more about color differences. They can sort the bears in a particular manner.

13. Hoot owl hoot game:

It’s an easy board game in which a child learns fast and loves to play with it.

14. Scarves game:

They are small but are efficient for adorning blocks, dancing, and other kid activities.

15. Scuttlebug bike:

It is a foldable bike that is easily changeable into an ambulance, fire engine and several other vehicles.

16. Floor drum:

It is a drum that will help in improving the understanding of rhythm in kids.Its sound is very amusing.

17. Insect catching toy:

This toy helps the child to catch the insects and fill up their mind with curiosity.

18. Thread toys:

These are wooden toys with thread attached to it. It is easier for the child to play with these toys.

19. Pegboard toy:

This toy set offers opportunities for the child to get more comfortable with patterning, colors, and counting the set parts.

20. Mold dough toy:

This dough is a very significant way to make children learn about drawing and molding.

Benefits of having educational toys for kids:

Kids are always happy and excited about learning new things. They have an exploring nature and are curious about every new thing they get to know. There are many benefits of giving a child educational toys. These benefits include: 

  • Educational toys boost a child’s IQ level.
  • They develop their senses.
  • They enhance the development of problem-solving skills
  • They increase the creativity level
  • They enhance the social and emotional skills as well as concentration among children.


A child is always ready to learn things, and it is our responsibility to make them love learning. We can do this by making learning fun with the help of several educational toys that are readily available on Hope this article on educational toys for preschoolers will assist you to motivate your children to learn new skills.

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